Document and Record lifecycle software

FileHold is a unique Canadian Documents and Records management solution that combines ease of use with advanced features, security, and compliance enablement.
The unique concept of presenting information in a structure style (Libraries, Cabinets, Drawers and Folders) while being fully controlled by Tags (Metadata), makes it a quite easy to use and navigate solution with minimal user training
With print to FileHold, any file that can be printed can be added immediately to FileHold, no integration required. Searching and retrieving can be conducted using Tags or via navigating the library structure and advanced searching allows users to specify exact search criteria. Google style searching is always available for users who enjoy that type of search.

Deployment options

FileHold can be deployed :

On Premise 

In a Private Cloud

Being a Canadian company, FileHold also offers FileHold Cloud which includes hosting and IT support in a Canadian Azure environment.


Regardless of deployment type, information, documents, and workflows can be accessed through desktops, Web browsers and Mobile devices, thus making FileHold available to any and all users, in office or remote. 



FileHold is available to companies of all sizes and complexities, to that, FileHold offers two type of packages that are priced accordingly


FileHold Express

Is designed for organizations who have 5 to 20 users. Express has a low-cost point of entry and, with a simple license change, can be upgraded to FileHold Enterprise.


FileHold Enterprise

for large organizations that need access to documents from many different locations. Licensing is a very low cost per user and provides a complete audit trail of all usage.

Notable modules

Electronic signatures – Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is a part of the FileHold workflow and approval process with documents stored in the library. When a document, such as a contract requires a signature they can be transmitted to Adobe Sign directly from the FileHold workflow task. Once the agreement is signed, Adobe sends the signed documents back to the FileHold server. The signed documents are checked into FileHold as new versions of the originals and the workflow task is completed.

FastFind search function

FastFind allows users to establish "hot key" links from third party applications to the document repository. This "hot key" allows users to find any document stored within the document library with a single key stroke.

Contract Management

Contract Management is a subset capability of the powerful FileHold electronic document management and workflow system. Alerts and reminders can be set on contract review and renewal dates. Users can easily store, search and recover the version controlled, contracts they need. Contracts can be put into a document workflow by anyone in the organization or can be sent to anyone with an email address for document review, approval and e-signature.

Courier - Secure e-mail service

Courier is a secure e-mail service that allows you to email a document notification to people inside or outside the FileHold system. On receipt of notification the recipient securely accesses the FileHold portal to review and approve the document. Courier is a “proof of delivery” system. Unlike email Courier is a secure method of sharing documents without sending them as an attachment. With email there is no way to know if the documents ever arrived or if the attachment could be or was opened by the recipient. With Courier, recipients are notified by email containing a secure link to the FileHold repository. All view or approve actions are fully tracked, logged in FileHold and reported back to the Courier originator.

Out of the Box Features

Tested on over 300 document scanners to convert paper documents to searchable PDF’s.

From file-shares, third party applications directly into FileHold using “drag and drop” or XML importation.

Apply unlimited metadata schemas individually or on mass. Tag documents via drop down boxes.

Use Microsoft Explorer or Mozilla FireFox web browser to gain access to documents from anywhere in the world.

Keeps everyone on the same page while preventing accidental file overwrites and deletion.

To only the documents users have approval to see with a complete audit trail of document usage.

“Google” like and advanced search to quickly find text or metadata (save and re-use searches).

Features to allow easy integration with other business applications. Fully documented web services API to move documents between systems.

Convert scanned files into editable and searchable documents.
Watched Folders — Move files electronically into the library from local or network folders.  

Leverages the power of SQL reporting Services to provide unlimited data mining of metadata.

Document to document linking allow users to link and organize files in logical groups.

FileHold document management software allows users to subscribe to and to be notified of edits or new versions to files or changes to folders they have subscribed to.

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