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What are we all about

Since 1993, when Enara Technologies Inc. was founded in Ottawa Canada, our aim was to advance the use of Information management technology as a mean assisting client organizations in reaching their goals. 
As technology evolved over the years, so did Enara and how it perceived the use of information management technology. Today, we offer some of the latest technologies that either utilizes or embeds artificial intelligence and machine learning engines and are designed and architected to meet the current user requirements.  
Enara is an advisory firm that strives to understand the business and technical requirements of each client and based on that understanding, recommend the most suitable solution. The goal is to deliver a solution that meets current requirements while setting the stage for incorporating future ones.

Who we are

Enara means “to illuminate”; to turn darkness into light.

Enara’s founder, Monqez Shureih, truly believed in the power of information back in 1993 and as such, founded Enara to inform and educate clients about the potential powers of the new black gold.
As Enara celebrates 27 years of success, it is still very much dedicated to that goal and to increase the value of information within organizations.
Our solutions partners have been carefully selected based on some strict criteria so that we have the confidence in recommending them to our clients. Our IIM partners rank top of the charts in the industry and rank top of charts in terms of user satisfaction, ease of use and post-deployment support.

A simple success philosophy 

“Treat our Clients as if they were our business partners”
“Treat our Associates as if they were our business partners”
“Treat our Vendors as if they were our business partners”  

Using that philosophy, we have successfully retained clients since the year 2000, have vendor partnerships that date back to 1994 and have associates that have been with us since 1993.
Everyone at Enara is involved in one project or another, our senior management level is technical as well as business savvy and is usually working hand in hand with our experts; Enara is a company that believes strongly in teamwork in a safe, welcoming and friendly environment.

We welcome the chance to work with your organization, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information

Enara Technologies Inc.

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