Enterprise Content Management

Saperion ECM provides organizations of all size with a comprehensive and secure information management platform that can manage the complete lifecycle of information and content from creation right through storage, collaboration, retention and disposition.
Saperion ECM is a single product that is rich with a variety of features that can be enabled as needed. Its flexible & unified architecture permits rapid deployment and quick system configuration. Advanced Storage Management and support for all leading databases and industry standards make Saperion ECM an ideal solution for enterprises of all sizes. 


Saperion ECM’s benefits include instant access to information, automation of business processes, mitigating business risks, enabling audit and compliance management and reducing information handling costs.


The solution is highly scalable and can be used to power multiple simultaneous applications that service separate departments while maintaining the privacy and security of all information in the database and back end repositories.


Saperion ECM is integrated with MS Office and offers optional connectivity to MS-Exchange for email management, SharePoint, SAP and other applications. The built-in Workflow engine provides a graphical interface to easily model and automate business processes.

Saperion solution has Incomparable Security, through:

Secure Storage Management

Access Control Lists

Encrypted Data Transmission

Secure Annotations & Redactions

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