Quality Management 

Quality Management —

process-based management
of Quality Management documents and data

Documented quality assurance is essential for many industries such as aviation and aerospace, automotive, food, technology, and pharmaceuticals. In many cases, ISO standards lay out how quality compliance must be documented.

QM is an electronic, ISO-compliant quality manual. It offers location-independent access to quality management documents, such as procedural documentation, forms, and checklists. It also helps QM employees to create, manage, maintain, and publish all QM documents in a consistent manner with read confirmation function providing proof that employees have acknowledged new QM documents.

The web-based QM Manual can be viewed and modified from any location or device; it comes equipped with an ISO-compliant structure that can be adapted to your internal compliance structures at any time.

Right out of the box, your QM manual is compliant with:

ISO 14001:2015 

Environmental management systems

ISO 9001 : 2015 

Minimum requirements of a QM system

ISO 27001 

Basic IT protection

ISO 13485:2016

Medical devices

Applicable in other areas

The ISO 9001:2015-compliant structure provided can be modified to suit QM manuals for specialized areas, such as environmental protection, labor laws, energy, and data security.

Document feedback

Workflow-based process for soliciting and reviewing feedback. When a suggestion is accepted, the document is routed through the editing workflow.


All actions taken throughout the entire workflow are logged, all editing and publication steps by the QM employee and the acknowledgement of employees are seamlessly traceable.

The advantages:

  • Access the QM manual from all locations

  • Use the integrated editing system for release & deadline management

  • Archive all QM manual versions in an audit-proof way

  • Streamline your ISO (re-)certifications

  • Multi Language interface

  • Tag based storage and searches for data and documents

  • Favorites function for frequently accessed records and documents

  • Data encryption at rest 


  • Deploy an ISO-compliant structure out of the box

  • Log all QM documents & processes

  • Workflow-based deviation management

  • Automatic workflows for managing & publishing all QM documents

  • Desktop, Browser and Mobile access

  • Various filter and sorting options

  • Data encryption in transit

  • On-Prem, Private Cloud, SaaS

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