Invoice Automation 

The Invoices

The cost of processing an invoice is a key metric for evaluating accounts payable overhead for any business. Multiple studies have been conducted on the average cost of processing a single invoice and while the results varied, the conclusions were almost identical.


For a complete manual process, the cost per invoice (CPI) ranged between $15 and $27, considering the cost of data entry, verification, matching to PO, review, approval, posting and final storage.


Using an automated invoice processing solution, the cost per invoice ranged between less than $1 (if posting and payment are part of the process) to about $3.50 if posting is a separate process.

The automated solution

Intelligent Invoice Automation 

Is a solution for fast, transparent, and secure processing of inbound invoices. The solution covers the reading, review, approval and posting of invoices and simplifies controlling.

The solution enters each received invoice in the invoice ledger and automatically starts a multi-level review workflow. This workflow can be customized to meet the needs of your company. The status of the invoices and the entire process are always completely transparent.

Intelligent Invoice Automation starts with 10,000 invoices/year and comes with two license types

Power licenses

Offers a full control of ingesting and processing invoices

Lite licenses

Allows participants Review and Approval abilities

The advantages:

  • Improve profitability

  • Improve liquidity planning 

  • Improve resource utilization

  • Stay compliant

  • Invoice status at a glance

  • Find emails, quotations, orders, etc. in the invoice context

  • For all formats: paper, PDF, XML, XRechnung, ZUGFeRD 2.0, etc.

  • Supports a wide range of currencies and up to 13 languages

  • Account assignment information, such as the cost center or G/L account, is determined automatically to support accountants in selection of an account


  • Boost team productivity

  • Shorter processing times, higher quality

  • Lower costs

  • Automatically post invoices (for Invoices with PO references)

  • Transparent digital invoice ledger

  • Automatic reminders for review and posting deadlines

  • Deep integration with SAP & connection to any ERP & financial accounting system

  • Integrated data warehouse with extensive reports

  • For invoices with & without a PO reference (including automatic posting), single, partial, collective & final invoices

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