HR eFiles

HR eFiles

Do you need to find HR documents and files quickly at all times while keeping them stored securely ???
Recruitment, training, onboarding/offboarding,
your HR processes involve countless documents, many of which change hands multiple times !!!

Manage and process everything digitally, whether it's a question about job applicant criteria for the hiring department or about severance agreements for the legal team, you steer documents and the associated tasks to the right colleagues.

Store all HR information in clearly structured electronic files and access the data from anywhere. You transparently manage processes and verifiably meet compliance requirements — from data protection to audit-proof archiving

Use Cases

  • Digital personnel & applicant files

    Bringing together personnel & applicant documents, data from HR & accounting systems, integrated material resources files, etc

  • Digital file access

    Enable employees to file digital requests & access their personnel files from any location

  • Electronic vacation requests

    Digitally file & approve vacation requests — including on mobile devices — and remain fully transparent

  • Skills management

    Get an overview of all employees' skills and manage ongoing professional development, certifications & training

  • Digital travel expense accounting

    Scan gas station receipts, parking tickets and more on a mobile device & directly submit them

  • Automated onboarding/offboarding

    Manage the provision & return of access cards by IT, company vehicles & office equipment by purchasing, and much more

  • Transparent employee lifecycle

    With version control and a uniform folder structure with complete transparency, you have complete oversight over the employee lifecycle.

The advantages:

  • Quickly locate & process HR documents

  • Access HR eFiles from anywhere and any device

  • Adaptable Virtual structures for quick information access

  • Make your digital HR processes fully transparent

  • On-Prem, Private Cloud, SaaS

  • Verifiably protect HR data

  • Multi Language interface

  • Favorites function for frequently accessed records and documents


  • Desktop, Browser and Mobile access

  • Tag based searches for personel data and documents

  • Various filter and sorting options

  • Data encryption in transit

  • Data encryption at rest 

  • Integrate into HR & accounting systems & into Microsoft Office

  • Archive documents with retention periods in line with audit requirements

Optional Add-Ons:

Integration into ERP Solutions
( SAP, Oracle, ADP, VEDA, Atoss, Loga, Diamant, ...) 

Cognitive Services for stricter compliance
with GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, Quebec Bill 64, and more

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