Contract Management


Contract Management 

Gain a 360-degree view of your contracts throughout the life cycle to ensure fast response times, complete contract data access, and compliant management.

Good Contract Management is the basis on which every company runs its business. It is a global and complex task because different departments are involved in the process of creating and managing contracts.
From the legal department to purchasing, accounting, and controlling; from auditing to management – almost every area of a business is affected. 

Contracts are an essential part of all business relationships, whether it’s with customers, suppliers, partners, or employees.

With electronic Contract Management, you centrally manage all contract documents throughout your company in compliance with legal regulations. What's more, authorized employees can access these documents regardless of business area, language, location, or device used. 

Your benefits:

Contract Management features:

  • 1.  Contract cockpit with the most important contract parameters.
  • 2.  User-friendly filing and search dialogs.
  • 3.  Templates for contract documents.
  • 4.  Folder structure based on typical document categories.
  • 5.  Automatic notifications.
  • 6.  User management with groups and roles.
  • 7.  Manage internal and external contacts.
  • 8.  Processing history of contract files.
  • 9.  Contract documents with integrated audit trail.
  • 10.  Deadline management with calendar for notice dates,                         extensions, and contract end dates.
  • 11.  Targeted searches for contract data and parameters.
  • 12.  Various filter and sorting options.
  • 13.  Favorites function for frequently accessed.
  • 14.  contracts and contract documents.
  • 15.  Data encryption in transit.
  • 16.  Data encryption at rest. 
  • 17.  On-Prem, Private Cloud, SaaS.

One solution
for all

  • Loan agreements
  •  Framework agreements
  •  Customer and supplier contracts
  •  Rental, tenancy and leasing contracts
  •  Company agreements
  •  Corporate agreements
  •  Communication (executive, supervisory board, corporate governance)
  •  Insurance policies
  •  Employee contracts
  •  Investments
  • Licenses and related documents (maintenance, SLAs), etc
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